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Homeschool PE Program

We Love Homeschoolers at Lowes. So we have decided to create a program to work with homeschooling families and CO-OP Groups. We partnered with a great company called Mountain View Mentoring. They are a mentoring company here in Utah that has a special focus on Homeschooled kids.  

What Is the PE program?

The Basic PE program is a membership of sorts to Lowes. We don't have set class times, but instead have time windows everyday (10am-4pm M-F) where the pass allows 2 hours of jumping. Mountain View Mentoring will provide a "curriculum" of fun, engaging activities around the gym for students to perform while jumping.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Basic PE program is $35/Month per student. This includes 2 hours of daily access to the gym, Activity worksheets, discounts on other MVM offerings. We are also Approved vendors for Harmony Ed and My Tech High.

What's included?

The basic program includes 2 hours of daily access to the gym, Activity worksheets, discounts on other MVM offerings. It also allows parents of students to jump for free during the jump sessions! 

Are there any other programs?

We are starting small, but we foresee some really awesome potential with these programs. We would like to make the gym even more Co-Op Friendly by providing space to have classroom time, as well as introducing mentoring programs from MVM and to offer credits for other subjects right here in Lowes. MVM has an amazing active learning class that meshes movement and learning that we will be introducing very shortly.

But Why Is Lowes Doing This?

Well short answer is we are homeschool parents, and some of us were homeschooled all growing up. We believe Lowes and MVM have a very unique opportunity to provide a fun engaging space that encourages growth and active learning. We love the Homeschool Community and hope to become a hub that allows resources to be shared and advice given to improve the experience for the Parents and the Children. 

How Do I Sign up?

There's a few ways to do this. First would be to go to and register there, but you can also email us at for more info. Our program Director at Lowes is Preston and you can ask to speak to him next time you are in the gym. We are excited about this program, we worked with other homeschool families to develop it and hope to keep working to improve it, if you have any thoughts don't hesitate to reach out!