You may be wondering what class is the best fit for your child.

Here's a little breakdown of what's offered:

The Parkour Program is Recommended for ages 8+. Ages for class levels will have exceptions for those with previous experience in parkour. For younger children check out our rec tumbling program Here



In all classes we include what we’re calling “Workshop time” where students are given time to ask coaches to help them learn moves they are interested in.

For example: Matt age 9 in a beginners class would like to learn a standing back tuck. Despite not teaching flips in beginners class, Workshop time is when Matt can get some one on one coaching to help achieve his goal.

-Best suited for ages 8-10 and  with no parkour experience.

-Beginners will cover basic parkour concepts.

-Rolls, Precision jumps, Balance, Basic vaults: (Safety, Kong, Lazy and Thief), Climb ups, Cat grabs, Tick Tacks, and more.

1 hour/1x a week


-Best suited for those who are of age 14 and above or are exceptional athletes for their age.

-Continue to build upon what we learned Intermediate class.

- A more open and “Workshop” oriented class with lots of time to be creative with movement.

-We’ll work toward teaching some more advanced moves in this class such as double vaults, cast movements, handstand moves, flips, advanced bar movements and much much more.

1.5 hours/2x a week

-Better suited for anyone age 11-13.

-Intermediate will build upon the concepts learned in our beginners class.

-Dive rolls and roll variations, Balance, Expanded precision jumps, Intermediate vaults: (Vault Precisions, Dive kong, Dash vault, Speed, etc), Lache movements and other bar moves, and lots more.

-In this class we’ll work to connect moves together so we can begin to have fluid and flowing momentum.

-More time to be creative with movement.

1.5 hours/2x a week



Our team of coaches is so excited for classes this fall! We are committed to help each and every student progress at their own pace in a safe and encouraging environment! Classes start the week of September 6th and end the first week of November.

Class Perks

During class up to two siblings can jump for free, any additional will be 50% off. Additionally students can come use the gym for 50% off during the 8-week block.

If class is cancelled for whatever reason we will give out jump passes for the students to use. 

At Lowes Xtreme Airsports we have many Parkour classes to sign up for, 

All classes are an 8-week block.

Our next block starts the first full week of September.



To Enroll, click the link below, class sizes are limited

We also have 2 beginner classes catered towards Home school Families. They are on Wednesday and Friday during the day. We are approved Vendors for Harmony Ed and My Tech High. Look for Classes labeled HS

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